Things like that just happen when you have best friends like him.



I’ve blogged earlier about relationships and the need for community. I’ve wanted to share with you all about the people in my life who challenge, motivate and inspire me since I started blogging. It’s been a blessing to share my life with these people. So, every once in awhile you will read about one of the members of my family (they’re all family, even the newest of friends). My intention is for you to look for these types of people in your life. God has blessed me with them and He blesses you with your own family and community.

Thinking about this friend, that has become a brother, I see Gods hand in bringing people together. I met Josh in middle school and yet we talk almost everyday. You could call it a bromance to which we both would say something like “when you’ve been through as much crap together as we have, for as long as we have, there is only love left.”

There is not enough time to tell you of the stories and dangers we’ve survived by the grace of God. Josh knew me before I loved Jesus. I was a Christian but life choices didn’t line up with my commitment to Christ. I remember in high school thinking to myself this is someone I want to be friends with for a long time. Josh was motivated, popular and fun. We were (read, are) wild. Josh could handle the rougher sides of me with tact and I am still surprised he didn’t leave me in a ditch somewhere. He is quick to answer a phone call and talk me off the ledge of some dark thought. He has sat with me as I cry and question God. Always quick to laugh and listen. He has saved my life. When the dark night of my soul would come creeping in whispering things of sadness, guilt and sin Josh was there to show me the love of Jesus. Selfless. Really, I think we just tolerate one another. I think we both secretly must’ve made a decision in our minds that no matter what this other fool does we will have eachothers back. We both say and do stupid thing yet we respond to one another in love and go to war for one another if need be.

We grew a lot closer because of Jesus. Our mutual attraction towards the Gospel brought us closer to Christ and strengthened our friendship. We seek one another’s advice and highly value eachothers thoughts. We encourage, we pray, we tease eachother relentlessly then we go get Wegmans subs. I’m truly blessed to have Josh in my corner. I hope I have shaped his life a fraction that he has shaped mine.

Look for these people in your life. March to battle with them, cry, laugh with them. You will find life can only be lived to its fullest with others.

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