This is Kyle. He is my younger (and cuter) brother. And I love him.

Growing up together, we shared the same bedroom and I remember just talking with one another in the quiet of the night. We grew up in the same house, under the same conditions, and we survived. The home we lived in produced in us the ability to thrive in chaos. Now, when many people falter when it things begin to go wrong, we flourish. He is quick to find a solution, quick with a kind word, and quick with a strategy to attain all the goals of a task. Kyle is a natural peacemaker. In our teens, in our own searches for the close relationships we craved we started branching apart. We never went too far though. We are quick to text and call one another, pray together, and seek wisdom from one another.

He is one of the few I can be honest with. Kyle isn’t timid about our past and admits how it affects us today. We talk about it now and laugh at how God has seen us through and uses our past to impact the future of others. He uses his past to help give wise counsel to friends and to lead his own family. He loves people. That is how God uses him most. He strives to reflect the character of God in how he loves people. Mature beyond his years, Kyle reflects the faith you would expect from a grizzled old man, maybe that’s why people at work call him ‘Dad.’

Running an internship program Kyle challenges young men and women to draw closer to their God and pursue their passions. I am proud of him.

A few years ago Kyle was the director of a student camp, he asked me to help. You show up for family, it is what you do, so of course I helped. I think my job description changed four times in a week but I wanted to honor him by serving. Someone made a comment, “how does it feel to be working for your little brother?” As if the comment were to sting me. I responded, “Its awesome, he is my little brother. I love him, I love watching him work and grow. Why wouldn’t I want to serve him.” He did great that week and is still crushing life.

I wish I were home more to see him. To pray together more often and take random road trips to see some band we loved in high school. We are still close, quick with an “I loaf you,” or something else completely ridiculous. We talk trash to our baby sister and laugh when we let her beat us up. I love to see his name on my caller I.D. God has us impacting people for His Kingdom. We are in different states but both pursuing our own holiness and challenging others in their pursuit of Jesus. Kyle makes me a better man, a better brother, and a better Christian. I’m blessed.

Loaf you.

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