Youth Pastors you have been challenged!


So, my buddy and partner in crime/Student Ministry Tom Pounder love lip syncing…a lot. Therefore, we are taking a page out of our favorite Talk Show Hosts Jimmy Fallon’s book and getting a little competitive. We want to challenge every youth minister and at least 1 student to a Lip Sync Challenge.

Here are the details:

  • Submissions must be sent to Tom at by Feb. 9th at 9 pm EST.
  • Submissions must be filmed in front of your student ministry event. Whether it is Youth Group, Sunday school or another Youth event, actual students must be present for the filming of your video (if you want an idea of what that looks like, check this video out).
  • You can submit a student ministry leader (paid or volunteer leader) video and/or student video. You do not have to have both to submit a video for the Student Ministry Lip Sync Challenge.
  • Once every submission is made, Cory and I will compile them and have a tournament via Twitter with people on Twitter will vote on who will advance to the Championship. Winner will be decided by who gets the most favorites.
  • The winner will get a $50 gift card to the Orange Store to get some cool stuff.

If you have never seen this before here is a link to check it out. Have some fun and get creative with your students!

We have thrown down the gauntlet.

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